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Special Papers

State-of-the-art treatments of rapidly evolving subjects; series published since 1934.

Field Guides

Illustrated with maps and road logs; written for field trips held at GSA and other organizations’ meetings.


Results of long-term study of a subject; likely to remain the authoritative reference on a subject for a number of years.


Electronic versions of many GSA publications, delivered as a downloadable product.

Maps & Charts

Peer-reviewed maps and charts published by GSA from 1959 to 2014, most available as PDFs.

Reviews in Engineering Geology

Approved by GSA’s Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; case studies, summaries of geological theory, and reports on hazard assessment techniques and remediation.

Decade of N. American Geology (DNAG)

Published between 1982 and 2005, the Decade of North American Geology offers a comprehensive look at the geology of North America. These valuable resources include many large maps, transects, and more.

EarthCache Products

EarthCache swag and commemorative items. An EarthCache is a special type of geocache you can visit to learn a geology lesson developed by the community.


Teaching resources written by geoscience teachers for geoscience teachers.

Journals on CD/DVD

Includes GSA Bulletin, Geology, and Geosphere.

Rite in the Rain

All-weather notebooks and gear. Record information in the field without worry.

Specialty Books, Posters, Classroom

Specialty books and products especially suited for classroom use, for students, and for non-technical audiences.

Specialty Items and Tools

Photo scales, field tools, and miscellaneous products.

$10 or Less Books

Great publications and products at low prices.