Neotectonics of North America

Editors: D. Burton Slemmons, E. R. Engdahl, Mark D. Zoback, and David D. Blackwell

Designed to accompany the Decade of North American Geology's Continent-Scale Maps Series, these twenty-eight chapters deal with regional discussions of seismicity, stress, and thermal aspects of North America. One chapter provides a regional overview of North American neotectonics, and another deals with late Quaternary isostatic recovery of North America and Greenland. Seventeen chapters discuss seismicity, four discuss regional stress fields, and five discuss regional patterns of the thermal aspect data. These chapters supplement the information portrayed on three 1:5,000,000-scale maps of North America: the Seismicity Map, the Stress Map, and the Geothermal Map.

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Published: 1/01/1991

ISBN Number: 0813753066

Pages: 498

Product Category: EBooks