The Western North Atlantic Region

Editors: Peter R. Vogt and Brian E. Tucholke

The award-winning first volume in this 28-volume Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) Geology of North America series. Complete coverage of the geology and geophysics of the western North Atlantic Ocean basin in 41 chapters, organized into 8 sections: Introduction; Present Accretion Axis; Regional Geology and Geophysics; Plate Tectonic Evolution; Surficial Sedimentation; Biofacies; Paleoceanography; and Resources and Law of the Sea. The editors received the 1986 Alan Berman Research Publication Award for this volume. Includes 11 plates, several in color.

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Published: 1/01/1986

ISBN Number: 0813752027

Pages: 696

Product Category: EBooks