Economic Geology, Mexico

Editor: Guillermo P. Salas

This volume was developed, produced, and privately printed in Mexico, in Spanish, by the late Ing. G.P. Salas in 1988, as a Mexican contribution to the Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) Geology of North America series, with the understanding that it would be translated into English for inclusion in the set. The translation is by Dr. Cecily Petzall of Caracas, Venezuela, with considerable figure translation and redrafting provided by GSA. Salas worked on the volume until his death, with much valuable help from Ing. Hugo Cortez Guzmán. The result is a valuable English-language synthesis of the information available to Salas in the early to mid-1980s about the geothermal, coal, and metal-mining sectors (and some non-metallic resources) of the economic geology of Mexico.

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Published: 1/01/1991

ISBN Number: 0813752132

Pages: 438

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