Earthcraft - 2017 Calendar

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This 12-month, 9.5" × 12.5" calendar showcases exceptional submissions to the 2017 GSA calendar photo search. Featuring landscapes and scenic images including Svartifoss waterfall (Iceland), Valley of Geysers (Russia), Mt. Etna eruption (Sicily), and Great Fountain Geyser (Yellowstone National Park), as well as close-ups such as cubo-octahedral parallel growths on galena crystal, this captivating calendar will delight the geologist in all of us.

Special Features
  • * Dates of many noteworthy eruptions and earthquakes
  • * Birthdates of famous geoscientists
  • * GSA deadlines and dates of geoscience meetings and events

Published: 7/08/2016

Product Category: Specialty Items

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