Geoscience Handbook 2016: AGI Data Sheets, Fifth Edition

Geoscience Handbook 2016: AGI Data Sheets,  Fifth Edition

478 pages, 5" x 8" spiral bound

Editors and Compilers: Mark B. Carpenter and Christopher M. Keane

Graphics by Kat Cantner

For more than 40 years, AGI's Data Sheets have been a critical tool for the geoscientist in the field, the lab, and the classroom. For decades its bright orange cover and three-ring binding were distinctive in the geoscience community. The book evolved into its current, full-color and spiral bound format with the 2005 debut of the fourth edition. Now AGI has tapped some of the best minds in the geosciences to produce this fifth edition. Featuring the contributions of over 240 experts worldwide in their respective fields, this expanded edition has more than 470 full-color pages. Three years of work went into the Handbook to broaden its scope across the disciplines. With more than 170 complete new data sheets, and full revisions of prior data sheets, over 85% of the content is either new or revised. The Geoscience Handbook is the quick reference tool for key metrics and concepts, a guide to cornerstone papers and recent developments, as well as short tutorials on topics that may not be familiar to all geoscientists.

Published by the American Geosciences Institute.

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Published: 5/01/2016

ISBN Number: 978-0-913312-47-6

Pages: 478

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