Cumberland Plateau to Blake Plateau

Authors: R.D. Hatcher Jr., D.J. Colquhoun, D.T. Secor Jr., F.A. Cook, W.P. Dillon, K. Klitgord, P. Popenoe, C.E. Merschat, L.S. Wiener, R.C. Milici, A.E. Nelson, R.E. Sheridan, A.W. Snoke

Decade of North American Geology Continent-Ocean Transect Series E-5. This transect contains all or most of the following: free-air gravity and magnetic anomaly profiles, heat flow measurements, geologic cross section with no vertical exaggeration, multi-channel seismic reflection profiles, tectonic kindred cross section with vertical exaggeration, geologic map, stratigraphic diagram, and an index map. All transects are on a scale of 1:500,000.

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Published: 1/01/1994

Pages: 56 plus 3 plates

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