Geologists and Ideas: A History of North American Geology

Editors: Ellen T. Drake and William M. Jordan

An unusually coherent, well-written volume. Prepared for Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) by the History of Geology Division of GSA. Spotlights events, ideas, and people, and sheds light on the history of North American geology as a whole. With its many intellectual jewels on the evolution of scientific concepts, this book will provide many happy hours of entertainment and instruction for anyone interested in the history of science, especially that of the earth sciences. Thirty-four papers are organized into four categories: (1) The Evolution of Significant Ideas; (2) Contributions of Individuals; (3) Contributions of Organized Groups; and (4) Application of Significant Ideas. Excellent as a course-book or for additional reading for classes related to the history of geology or general science.

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Published: 1/01/1985

ISBN Number: 0813753015

Pages: 525

Product Category: EBooks