Elevating Geoscience in the Southeastern United States

Full Title: Elevating Geoscience in the Southeastern United States: New Ideas about Old Terranes–Field Guides for the GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, Blacksburg, Virginia, 2014

Editors: Christopher M. Bailey and Lorrie V. Coiner
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This volume includes 10 field guides that explore the diverse geology of the southern and central Appalachians. These guides examine both ancient rocks and modern landscape processes, highlighting new research ideas regarding these old terranes. Three guides focus on the geology of the Appalachian Plateau and Valley and Ridge, considering topics such as the enigmatic Eocene igneous rocks, the gas-rich Marcellus and Millboro Shales, and new models for karst formation. The 2011 M5.8 Mineral, Virginia, earthquake literally shook up our understanding of the Piedmont and two guides focus on new research in the epicentral region. Two guides take in the Paleozoic to Proterozoic geology of the Blue Ridge province. The volume is rounded out by three guides focused on Mesozoic geology, including the world-class Lagerstätte fauna in the Dan River basin, a unique uranium deposit at Coles Hill, Virginia, and the tectonics of the Scottsville Basin.

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Published: 3/19/2014

ISBN Number: 978-0-8137-0035-9

Pages: 284

Product Category: Field Guides

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