Geology and Geologic Hazards of the Blue Ridge (SE 2024)

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Full title: Geology and Geologic Hazards of the Blue Ridge: Field Excursions for the 2024 GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Editors: Arthur J. Merschat and Mark W. Carter

The three field guides in this volume explore facets of the geology of western North Carolina, USA. The trip to Buck Creek and Chunky Gal Mountain examines high-temperature mafic and ultramafic rocks interpreted to be part of a dismembered ophiolite thrust onto Laurentian crust during the Taconic orogeny. The second trip traverses rugged terrain along the Blue Ridge Escarpment from near the South Carolina state line to Hickory Nut Gorge just southeast of Asheville to examine rockfalls, rockslides, debris flows, and debris slides triggered by extreme rainfall events. The trip to Sparta, North Carolina, highlights the results of interdisciplinary studies among collaborators following the 2020 Mw 5.1 earthquake.

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Published: 4/5/2024

ISBN Number: 978-0-8137-0067-0

Pages: 106

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