Proterozoic Nuna to Pleistocene Megafloods (Inland NW)

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Full title: Proterozoic Nuna to Pleistocene Megafloods: Sharing Geology of the Inland Northwest

Editors: Mark D. McFaddan and Chad J. Pritchard

The Inland Pacific Northwest documents geologic processes from Proterozoic time to the present. This volume presents field guides from the 2024 GSA Cordilleran and Rocky Mountain Joint Sections Meeting, exploring the genesis of bedrock in Idaho, Neoproterozoic development of supercontinents in Washington, Cambrian tectonic and biostratigraphic history of Washington, paleoecology of Miocene woodlands in Idaho, and the critical connection between Anthropocene activity and the past in Spokane. An overview of Pleistocene megaflood effects is presented through outcrops and drone images. Advances in understanding of the Columbia River Basalt Group are presented with a strong conviction to volcanology and flood basalt evolution. The story of the Sevier orogeny accretionary margin is examined, as is a dedication to the landmark studies of the Mesoproterozoic Belt Basin through a Missoula to Spokane transect.

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Published: 05/03/2024

ISBN Number: 978-0-8137-0069-4

Pages: 240 p.

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