Understanding the Monterey Formation & Similar Biosiliceous

Full title: Understanding the Monterey Formation and Similar Biosiliceous Units across Space and Time

Editors: Ivano W. Aiello, John A. Barron, and A. Christina Ravelo

The Monterey Formation is a Miocene marine unit that occurs extensively in the Coast Ranges and in the continental margins of California, and analogous biosiliceous deposits are found around the Pacific Rim and elsewhere in the world. Classic studies on the diatomaceous deposits that characterize the hemipelagic/pelagic facies of the Monterey Formation have been key to understand the oceanographic and tectonic conditions that lead to the preservation of large volumes of organic-rich hemipelagic biosiliceous sediments, and the properties of these sedimentary deposits once they convert into rocks. This volume presents a collection of recent studies on the Monterey and other similar biosiliceous deposits that offer modern and updated interpretations of this classic unit and its analogues. The volume is dedicated to the memory of Professor Bob Garrison.

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Published: 9/26/2022

ISBN Number: 978-0-8137-2556-7

Pages: 316

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