Biogeomorphic Responses to Wildfire in Fluvial Ecosystems

Cover for Biogeomorphic Responses to Wildfire in Fluvial Ecosys

Editors: Joan L. Florsheim, Alison P. O’Dowd, and Anne Chin

Wildfire biogeomorphology is an integrative science fundamental to understanding the dynamic processes of adjustment that occur after wildfires. This volume draws together interdisciplinary studies that highlight key insights important to support heterogeneity, biodiversity, and resilience in fluvial ecosystems. Post-wildfire sediment pulses that change the physical elements of fluvial habitat may be transitory or long-lasting, for example, depending on variations in post-wildfire climate conditions. How biological processes and feedback alter post-wildfire geomorphic responses is also important to enhance ecosystem resilience. These syntheses point to greater emphasis on integrated approaches to advance strategies for ecosystem management toward conservation, restoration, and sustainable practices, in particular, to accommodate multiple possible postfire disturbance and recovery trajectories.

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Published: 2/15/2024

ISBN Number: 978-0-8137-2562-8

Pages: 176

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