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Volume 30, Issue 12
(December 2020)

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Featured Articles


The Mesoproterozoic Single-Lid Tectonic Episode: Prelude to Modern Plate Tectonics

Robert J. Stern



A Three-Dimensional, Virtual Tour of the Johnston Geology Museum

Marcia K. Schulmeister and Briana Edwards


It’s Time to Defuse the Cambrian “Explosion”

Jacob Beasecker et al.



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12 - Call for Nominations: 2021 GSA Awards & Medals

12 - Call for GSA Fellowship Nominations

13 - 2020–2021 Scientific Division Officers and Past Chairs

14 - Scientists in Parks: A New Program for the Next Generation of Stewards

15 - GeoCorps™ America: Explore Geoscience-Related Opportunities on America’s Public Lands

16 - 2019–2020 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow Final Report

17 - Mentoring365

18 - GSA Graduate Student Research Grants

18 - Awards for Students to Attend GSA’s Northeastern Section Meeting

18 - J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarships

20 - Geoscience Jobs & Opportunities

23 - GSA Publications Highlights: Share Your Research with the World. Publish with GSA.

28 - GSA Foundation Update

29 - 2021 GSA Section Meetings

30 - Call for GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow

31 - Call for Short Course and Technical Session Proposals: GSA 2021 Annual Meeting


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